Sunday, July 13, 2008

My first plane ride

While I have flown thousands of flights and more miles than I care to count, my first airplane ride actually goes back to my childhood and it wasn’t with a commercial airline. When we were kids, Dad became very interested in flying small planes. He actually ended up buying a two-seater airplane that would be flown in and out of Westminster airport right next to the college I attended. Some friends of ours near the church also had a private airstrip. Sometimes we would be playing in the back yard and hear a plane. We would look up and there would be Dad.

Sometimes we would go up to Westminster, spend the afternoon, and we would all get airplane rides. Dad would sometimes do loop the loops, and spins. Mom and Dad would use the plane to fly to Oshkosh, Wisconsin for a small plane gathering each summer.

You will recall I mentioned in a previous post that my family never seems to get rid of anything. Part of the airplane is still in my parents’ garage even though it has not been flown for probably at least 30 years.

We were very, very lucky kids to have that kind of opportunity. Most kids don’t have an airplane available to them.


Anonymous said...

I remember my first plane ride. It was a National electra from Daytona to New Orleans. We stopped in Orlando and Tampa and then non stop to New Orleans. My grandmother lived there. We went to the zoo and lake ponchatrain amusement park. We never heard of Bourbon St. until my brother went there for Mardi Gras. I see P3's fly over Jax all the time which are the military version of the electra. Ever since then I have been hooked on flying. Going to Oshkosh sounds like a lot of fun.
Scott A.

Cash Carroll said...

You're lucky that you have your own private plane! Not many kids can experience the feeling of being up in the sky and looking down at the beauty below. I am happy that you have a least a piece to remember your happy childhood by. My first flight was actually a commercial flight from New York to California to spend Christmas with my grandparents. I was only 10 then.